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Taking Software Quality to New Heights

Taking Software Quality to
New Heights

  • Are you tired of "Hello World" examples?

    Learn how to write automated tests through working
    real-world examples.

  • I Know What Works ...

    Over the past five years I have tried and done it
    all when it comes to test automation

  • ... and What Doesn't

    I can guide you through the tangle of tools and
    encourage you when you lose your confidence

  • Why You Should Trust Me

    • Co-Founder & CTO of Automate The Planet Ltd.
    • Code Project Most Valuable Person MVP (2016, 2017)
    • Nominated for Best QA in Bulgaria for 2017
    • 100+ Published Articles Code Project
    • 2,200,000+ article views
    • 300 000+ amazing readers for 2017
    • Read in 180+ countries
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  • icon-design-patterns
    Design Patterns

    Utilize the power of various design patterns so that you can achieve more maintainable and readable automated tests.

    Find How

  • icon-gear
    DevOps and CI

    Learn how to integrate Jenkins in you continuous integration process. Contains guides how to setup source control, test execution or publish test results.

    Find How

  • icon-puzzle
    Design And Architecture

    More abstract, visionary improvements that you might bring to your test automation projects that do not depend on the utilised test automation framework such as WebDriver or Testing Framework.

    Find How

  • icon-qa
    Automation Tools

    Learn how to create various automation tools to skip executing tedious and error prompt day-to-day activities.

    Find How

APIs and Frameworks

  • .NET
    The series contains diverse types of topics- C# code for testing various complicated scenarios, productivity tips and tricks, geeky benchmarks. Find How
  • WebDriver
    Consists of tons of practical information how to start writing automation tests with WebDriver. Find How
  • Jenkins
    Learn how to integrate Jenkins in you continuous integration process. Find How
  • SpecFlow
    Use SpecFlow to define, manage and automatically execute human-readable acceptance tests in .NET projects. Find How
  • Testing Framework
    Testing Framework exposes numerous properties and methods to help you easily build non-brittle, maintainable functional tests. Find How
  • TFS Test API
    Learn how to use the private MS Test Manager TFS API for various scenarios. Find How


  • Thank you for sharing. I find all of your articles quite useful.
    Greg Mulvihill
    Software Developer
  • Fascinating: I can see myself breaking all sorts of "rules" with this information!
    Dan Sutton
    Software Developer
  • This is a great article. Your stuff is always in depth.
    Nikolay Advolodkin
    Quality Assurance Engineer
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