Our Mission - Automate The Planet

Our Mission

In recent years, software been introduced virtually everywhere. There will soon be no appliances, machines, or facilities for which control is not implemented by software or software parts. In automobiles, for example, microprocessors and their accompanying software control more and more functionality, from engine management to the transmission and brakes. Thus, software is crucial to the correct functioning of devices and industry. Likewise, the smooth operation of an enterprise or organization depends largely on the reliability of the software systems used for supporting the business processes and particular tasks. How fast an insurance company can introduce a new product, or even a new rate, most likely depends on how quickly the IT systems can be adjusted or extended. So there is this high dependence on the correct functioning of the software. Within both embedded and commercial software system, quality has become the most important factor in determining success.

Software tests have to be often repeated during development cycles to ensure quality. Every time source code is modified software tests should be repeated. For each release of the software, it may be tested on all supported operating systems and hardware configurations. Manually repeating these tests is costly and time-consuming. Even the most conscientious tester will make mistakes during monotonous manual testing.

Once created, automated tests can be run over and over again at no additional cost, and they are much faster than manual tests. Automated software testing can reduce the time to run repetitive tests from days to hours. A time savings that translates directly into cost savings. Automated software testing can increase the depth and scope of tests to help improve software quality. Lengthy tests that are often avoided during manual testing can be run unattended. They can even be run on multiple computers with different configurations. Automated software testing can look inside an application and see memory contents, data tables, file contents, and internal program states to determine if the product is behaving as expected. Test automation can easily execute thousands of different complex test cases during every test run providing coverage that is impossible with manual tests.

Evaluation and testing procedures are costly in practice. Yet, there are still too few universities, colleges in the sectors of computer and information science that offer courses about this topic. Our site will help both people who just start and the ones that want to teach others. It provides in-depth materials with lots of examples on various topics connected to automated testing. We offer free content rich in examples and free materials on every level – for beginners to most advanced subjects in the field.

We want to spread the knowledge how to create proper high-quality test automation with the specialists in our field.

We desire to help the ones that are still testing manually to embrace the upcoming changes and educate themselves with our free materials. Later, they can help their organizations to integrate test automation solutions so that their products and services can become better faster.

We want to inspire the engineers to create high-quality tests and code. So that they embrace the process of lifelong learning and reading of new technologies regularly.