SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services- Subscriptions Reports

SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services- Subscriptions for Reports

SSRS Subscriptions Reports

It is time for a new guest blog post. The author is again my ex-colleague – Kristina Bankova, who is a Quality Assurance Engineer. She prepared a full tutorial for how to create subscriptions for reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

How to Create a Subscription

1. Navigate to http://YourServerName/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx
2. Click at Report Name

Click Report Name

Click Report Name Breadcrumb

3. Navigate to Subscriptions and click New Subscription.

Click New Subscription

4. Configure the email, the schedule and the subject for your subscription.

Configure Email And Schedule

You could have different schedules in your reports – either a custom one for the subscription or a shared one.

How to See and Manage Your Subscriptions

You can see, edit and delete your subscriptions.

Manage Subscriptions

From My Subscriptions, you could see all your subscriptions for all reports.

How to Create a Shared Schedule

1. Navigate to Site Settings

Click Site Settings

2. Navigate to Schedules and click at New Schedule

Create Shared Schedule


How to Setup the SSRS SMTP Server

1. Create a remote connection to the server machine (The one with the installed SSRS).
2. Open the Report Services Configuration Manager.

Reporting Services Configuration Manager

SSRS Server Name

3. Configure the email settings

SSRS Email Settings

On the following address, you can find Kristina Bankova’s first guest blog article about how to set up Test Cases Statistics with SSRS and TFS Data Warehouse.